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God is not a good habit
a useful Sunday exercise
one interest among others
a fascinating hobby
God is life itself
He is Someone
not to be analysed
examined, proved
but to be met
And when that happens
Life unfolds
meanings matter
love is deeper
Be still. Relax. Unwind.
Open those inner doors.

 Howard Booth.

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I was searching for something today and read this and thought it was worth sharing…

There is an old Christian tradition
that God sends each person into this world
with a special message to deliver,
with a special song to sing for others,
with a special act of love to bestow.
No one else can speak my message,
or sing my song,
or offer my act of love.
These are entrusted only to me.

John Powell, Invitations God’s Calling for Everyone Francis Dewer (The Cromwell Press, 1996) p9.