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Where shall I look for Enlightenment?

A conversation about paying attention:

“Where shall I look for Enlightenment?” the disciple asked. 
“Here,” the elder said.
“When will it happen?” the disciple asked.
 “It is happening right now,” the elder answered.
 “Then why don’t I experience it?” the disciple persisted.
 “Because you do not look,” the elder said.
 “But what should I look for?” the disciple continued.
 “Nothing. Just look,” the elder said.
 “But at what?” the disciple asked again.
 “At anything your eyes alight upon,” the elder answered.
 “But must I look in a special kind of way?” the disciple went on.
 “No. The ordinary way will do,” the elder said.
 “But don’t I always look the ordinary way?” the disciple said.
 “No, you don’t,” the elder said.
 “But why ever not?” the disciple asked.
 “Because to look you must be here. You are mostly somewhere else.”

 in There Is A Season by Joan Chittister



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