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Easter No1.

See The Church Mouse for details.

We need to buy The History Maker by Delirious  to make this happen.  This week we are at No. 7 in the charts so far!

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The Dream of Rood

Many years ago – the memory abides –
I was felled to the ground at the forest’s edge,
Severed from my roots.  Enemies seized me,
Made of me a mark of scorn for criminals to mount on;
Shoulder-high they carried me and set me on a hill.
Many foes made me fast there. Far off then I saw
The King of all mankind coming in great haste,
With courage keen, eager to climb me…
Then the young Hero – it was God almighty –
Strong and steadfast, stripped himself for battle;
He climbed up on high gallows, constant in his purpose,
Mounted it in sight of many, mankind to ransom.
Horror seized me when the Hero clasped me,
But I dared not bow or bend down to earth.
Nor falter, nor fall; firm I needs must stand.
I was raised up a Rood, a royal King I bore,
The High King of Heaven: hold firm I must.
They drove dark nails through me, the dire wounds still show,
Cruel, gaping gashes, yet I dared not give as good.
They taunted the two of us; I was wet with teeming blood,
Streaming from the warrior’s side when he sent forth his spirit.
High upon a hill helpless I suffered
Long hours of torment; I saw the Lord of hosts
Outstretched in agony; all embracing darkness
Covered with thick clouds the corpse of the World’s Ruler,
The bright day was darkened by a deep shadow,
All its colours clouded; the whole creation wept,
Keened for its King’s fall; Christ was on the Rood.
Yet warriors from afar eagerly came speeding
To where he hung alone. All this I beheld.

Anon., translated by Helen Gardner.

I took this from Signs of your kingdom by Michael Perham.

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One Solitary Life

He was born in an obscure village,
the child of a peasant woman.
He grew up in still another village
where he worked in a carpenter’s shop
until he was thirty.
He did none of the things one usually
associates with greatness.
He had no credentials but himself.
He was only thirty-three when
public opinion turned against him.
He was turned over to his enemies
and crucified.
When he was dead he was laid
in a borrowed grave.
Nineteen centuries have passed and today
he is the central figure of the human race.
No one has affected the life of man on earth
as much as that one solitary life.

This was originally a sermon written by Dr James Allan Francis in 1926.  It has since become shorter and tweaked by various people and from an anonymous source.

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In everyone there sleeps
A sense of life lived according to love.
To some it means the difference they could make
By loving others, but across most it sweeps
As all they might have done had they been loved.
That nothing cures.

by Philip Larkin,  taken from –  Visions of Love compiled by W. Sykes.

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Table Topics

I came across Table Topics a few years ago and they are great at breaking the ice or having a laugh with friends…here are some of the questions in the original box….

what makes a house a home?

what’s your dream job?

what’s your biggest pet peeve?

what was your favourite childhood meal?

In your opinion what are the seven wonders of the world?

What’s the most beautiful place you have ever seen?

I must say the Girls Night Table Topics is very good as well…but some of the questions and answers are just for the girls!

I find the questions people ask others to be quite interesting and illuminating…sometimes more than the answers.

What would you ask Jesus if you met him?

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The Gospel According to Starbucks

by Leonard Sweet

I really enjoyed this book – people who know me would say that I am a coffee addict…need I say more.

The book includes quotes like…A cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship or Coffee should be black as Hell, strong as death, and sweet as love…both Turkish Proverbs.

Questions under heading – Brewed for thought are threaded throughout the book.  For example: If you could get together with just one person from history for coffee and conversation (other than Jesus), whom would it be?  Why that person?

I wonder who it would be….I have a number of people in mind…Jane Austen and Mozart, are near the top of my list because I enjoy their work…….who would you pick?

This book opens the doors on God in a way that relates to us….especially if you are a coffee drinker…and how ‘Starbucks’ – (or any good coffee shop) and it’s atmosphere could be replicated in our journey of faith. 

It helps us to identify where God is and helps us to see that living with God is not something to be done out of duty or guilt but time given freely, a way of life.  We are invited to become living expressions of God.

I must say that this book does at times seem to dwell on Starbucks a little bit too much but overall it is a good read with insightful questions and if you love coffee an interesting way of relating faith and your favoutie cuppa together.