All Revved up! (via Bishop Tim Ellis’s Weblog)

A great review and I agree – ‘Rev’ was hilarious and realistic – not too sure about the archdeacon character at the moment though…

All Revved up! At last! At long last! A television rendition of a Church of England parson that actually bears some resemblance to real life. I was brought up on ‘All Gas and Gaiters’ and ‘Oh Brother!’ with Derek Nimmo starring and knew even as a small child that they didn’t really depict the reality. Along comes ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ which was amusing and at least a sympathetic attempt to portray a woman priest, but even this with the splendid Dawn French was … Read More

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‘You are Mine’ (via fragmentz)

I’m left speechless. A powerful poem. Thank you.

You Are Mine

Tears fall, streaming down her face, as she curls up on the floor, believing that for her, it is the only place, because she does not deserve any more. She wraps her arms around her chest, to try and ease the bruises and the pain, lying there, very still, with no energy to protest, fading into the carpet, like a stain. Ignored, unseen and trampled on, by the people who walk over with no cares, feeling filthy and ashamed, finally she … Read More

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Christmas is coming (via Nick Baines’s Blog)

I love this poster it’s really eye catching and Nick Baines’s blog really makes you stop and think about it….

Christmas is coming How predictable! comes up with a striking image for the Christmas poster campaign and the responses could have been written before they were given. First, the poster: As I discovered last December, speak about the reality of the original Christmas events and you invite the piling of ordure on your head. After all, they say, who cares if the Nativity narratives of the Gospels get confused with Cinderella and the pantomime stories? Th … Read More

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