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Imagine being me

Imagine Being Me

Have you ever stopped to think, friend, how you would feel if you were me,
Especially considering, that I, myself, can only be.
 There’s not a thing that can be done, to ever change me into you,
So, please consider carefully, what to me, you might say or do.
In fact, I might deep within my heart, wish that I could be like you,
But just accepting who I am, is something I must learn to do.
You’ll make it so much easier, if you will just accept me too,
Allowing me to be myself, and I, the same allowing you.
I’m just simply how I am — I’m me — and while changes can be made,
Any wrongful expectations, will only see us both dismayed.
Certain things that work for you, even certain things that you can do,
 Mightn’t be the kind of things — that I can do — or that’ll work for me too.
You see, you’re so used to being you, you just can’t imagine being me,
Yet, it’s only when you try, friend, that there’s a chance you might then see.
But if no matter how you try, an understanding still alludes you,
Dwell on this: It could be just as hard for me to understand you too.

By Lance Landall



I'm not sure what to say about myself - I never know what to put here...I'm a thirtysomething female, who has a chocolate Labrador called Rosie. I love music, films, photography, walking, and reading.

2 thoughts on “Imagine being me

  1. “Any wrongful expectations, will only see us both dismayed. “…What a perfect many people get into relationships expecting to ‘change’ the other person…with almost always sad results….really enjoyed this poem.


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