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Waiting for the Homecoming of God (via Godspace)

Some beautiful advent liturgy…

Waiting for the Homecoming of God This evening Tom and I will hold hold our annual Advent party focused not on the birth of Christ two thousand years ago but on that wonderful future coming when Christ will return and we will all come home to the new world that God is creating. Tom has put together a short video with images of coming home from various films – the wonderful introductory soliloquy from Patch Adams – All the world’s people are coming home, followed by that poignant … Read More

via Godspace

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Part the curtains

I went with the Bishop fo Grantham to a Confirmation Service at St. George’s Church in Stamford.  It was a great service and there was a time of sharing of faith…why the candidates  had chosen to / been called to be confirmed within the service.  Katrina shared this poem she had written:

Part The Curtains

Does not beauty shine forth behind the clouds?
Does not light overrule the darkness?
God’s light is like the sun above the clouds,
Always present.
And when the clouds part, does not a banner of hope come forth?
A golden beacon,
A candle in the dark.
Does not a smile appear upon your face,
At the sight of such beauty and hope?
Don’t give up hoping,
Don’t live in despair.
Christ is watching from behind the clouds,
Waiting for you to part the curtains,
 And embrace the light.

By Katrina Sissins