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At the New Christian Media Conference ….we were shown this clip in the Twitter seminar which is worth watching….

We were also shown this picture:

After the seminar we were asked the question: What Would Jesus Tweet? WWJT?   I wonder….



I'm not sure what to say about myself - I never know what to put here...I'm a thirtysomething female, who has a chocolate Labrador called Rosie. I love music, films, photography, walking, and reading.

2 thoughts on “WWJT?

  1. Thank-you for this, Shellie. The You-Tube video is brilliant, isn’t it! I expect you have seen Vicky Beeching’s blog post on her concern that the use of the words ‘follow’ and ‘follower’ have become debased, so that they no longer have the force they once had of ‘disciple’. She has a point, I think!
    As to what Jesus would tweet, many of his pithier sayings are in fact of tweetable length, including my favourite ‘And lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world’ (substitute your favourite bible version).


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