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Bomber Boys BBC 1

I saw this programme last night – it was amazing to watch and really makes you think. 

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Every Time My Bum Gets Cold

Another poem I found along with the last one which also makes you stop and think about how you treat people….

Every time my bum gets warm
they expose it to the cold.
and when I’m slipping into sleep,
they throw me in a mould.
Sometimes my head is in the air,
sometimes it’s on the floor;
and where they put my hands and feet
I’m really not quite sure!
I love the one who picks me up
and whispers in my ear;
but all the others seem to think I’m deaf,
or just not here.
They blot me out with blackness,
and stun me with bright white.
They stick my hands in soothing slime,
then stab them so I fight.
When my body shakes and shivers,
I giggle till I cry;
But I don’t know how it happens,
and no one tells me –
by Christina Kirkman Ross.
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Labelled Disabled

My mother brought this poem home from work years ago.  It was written by a disabled person expressing how what we do and say impacts on them.  This really impacted on me many years ago that we make people feel they are unheard, not complete and second rate.  How judgemental!  Who are we to make another person, any human being feel this way.  I couldn’t resist sharing this poem as it still has a strong message for today…

Labelled Disabled
I live in a body labelled: ‘handicapped’
Stunted legs and arms askew
I live in a body I wouldn’t have chosen
But then few of us do.
People say I’m brave
As though bravery were a choice
I learned early not to scream
For mine is an unheard voice
The world is competitive
And I’m ill-equipped to compete
But I’m no less a person
Because I’m not complete
I live in a body labelled: ‘second rate’
But I feel second to none
When society knows the difference
Then my battle is won.